Trade-In Program

First We Thank our customers and well wishes for their continued business and Trust in us.

Second, because of many requests we are pleased to announce our pre-owned trade in program.

As you have done with Car Clinic and AnmoCars, we trust you will provide us with the opportunity to make our trade-in program a success where we provide the best service combined with best quality that makes it easy for you and your family to not only sell your car but also allows you to identify your next dream car or a car that fits you and your family needs.


As you think about changing your car and evaluate options to sell, we ask that you contact us and give us an opportunity to provide you with advice that is fair and accurate. There are many online services that offer buy, sell, and trade options; there are also many scams. You have trusted in us, relied on us for your car needs for years. We look forward to see you.


At AnmoCars, we utilize variety of tools but most importantly our experience to provide you with the best and fair market value for your car. While we encourage you obtain other estimates, we request that before you make your final decision on selling your car you give us the opportunity to provide you with an assessment that is fact based and makes the selling, and further buying process, as easy as possible for you.


We are wholesalers and are in the trade of buying cars. We are able to work with you one-on-one to not only provide you with a fair assessment but also to give you the right advice to help you make your decision. This is all at no cost and no commitment. We seek to serve the community that has given us their trust and provide the best advice that is most beneficial to you, our customer.