Auto Body Repair

Quality Collision Repair : We strictly adhere to factory specifications in all our work, small or large, and ensure that the safety features, performance characteristics, and overall integrity of your vehicle are all restored to their pre-accident condition.

Replacement Parts : We know that you are conscious of the cost. Therefore we offer three price levels when it comes to replacement parts. OEM parts are the highest in cost, but come from the original manufacturer of your vehicle, meaning they ultimately provide the best match for your vehicle. A more cost effective option is Aftermarket. While new, these parts might not necessarily come from your vehicle’s manufacturer. Recycled parts are the most cost-efficient. They come from vehicles no longer considered ‘road-ready’ but still adhere to safety and function standards. So if parts replacement is necessary, three options provide flexibility to help you proceed with confidence.

Cosmetic Repair : Removal of paint chips, pits , and scratches and many other forms of long distance travel imperfections can be cosmetically corrected .

Precise Color Matching Paint Work : Our expert team excel in matching factory finishes and greater durability.

Customized Installation and Paint Jobs : We can help you to turn your dream vision of your vehicle to into reality with our customized aftermarket installations and paint jobs.

Insurance Claims Process : We will handle the claim and supplements directly with your insurance agent in an effort to expedite the process. We know it’s important to get you and your car back on the road.

Rental Car Assistance : Can’t be without a car? Contact us about our rental car assistance program. We will help you with your rental while your car is being worked on.